Things Every Christian Should Know – Adult SS Lesson 3/29/2020

Things Every Christian Should Know

There are some things every Christian should know concerning their personal life.

1) BE WILLING TO DO GOD’S WILL     James 1:5-7 This is the first step, the most-important step, & the vital step. Once we take this step, the remaining process becomes relatively easy. If we seek God’s will with the intention of doing God’s will only if it agrees with what we have already predetermined to do, God ignores our seeking.  Until we have taken the first step in making ourselves willing to do God’s will, we are wasting our time taking other steps to find God’s will. 

2) PRAY FOR A REVELATION OF GOD’S WILL Once we have made ourselves willing to do God’s will, we then should ask God to make His will known to us.     Matt 16:4

3) SEARCH THE BIBLE FOR SPECIFIC GUIDANCE  If we look to God’s Word, we will usually find a precept or principle which sheds light on our problem. If God’s Word deals with it, that settles it.                                           Duet 5:17-21

4) SEEK GODLY COUNSEL After we have searched the Bible, we often need more light concerning personal decisions. Often, spiritual men can give us wisdom from their experiences.

5) CHECK THE DICTATES OF YOUR CONSCIENCE  Romans 14:1-15:7 deals with the problem of questionable things in the Christian life & what to do when sincere Christians disagree about personal practices.

            In the church today, we have differences on how to regard such things as worldly amusements, & Paul tells us how to face these differences. He does not give a list of rules; rather, he lays down six basic principles that can be applied by all Christians of all stages of growth. We can state these principles in the form of questions & test our own lives.      

  A) Am I Fully Convinced? (14:1-5) Christians are to know what they believe & why they believe it. We are to live by convictions that are the result of diligent prayer & Bible study. Stronger Christians are not to despise the weaker ones for their immaturity; neither are weaker believers to judge more mature brothers & sisters for their liberty.
B) Am I Doing This Unto the Lord? (14:6-9) Whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.  He is the Lord, & we are to live to please Him. 
C) Will It Stand the Test at the Judgment Seat? (14:10-12)We have no right to judge our brethren, for we will all have our works tested at the judgment seat of Christ. 1 Cor. 3:1   2 Cor. 5:10  We do not have to give an account of our brother’s life, so we have no right to condemn him. Certainly all of us want to live lives that will stand the fiery test before Christ—lives that will earn rewards for His glory.
D) Am I Causing Others to Stumble? (14:13-21) There is one thing we should judge: we should judge ourselves to see whether we are abusing our Christian liberty & making others stumble. Certainly nothing is unclean of itself, but some practices & habits are considered unclean by others. Therefore, if we deliberately do something that makes our brothers stumble, we’re not living according to the rule of love.  It is a serious thing to cause another person to stumble & fall into sin.  Mark 9:42

            A believer who holds on to a questionable practice & causes another Christian to fall in his walk with God is blind to the price Jesus paid on the cross.

            The Christian life is not a matter of eating or drinking (or any other practice), but one of righteousness & peace & joy, all of which come from the Spirit. Our aim should be not to please ourselves, but to build up (edify) other Christians in love.1 Cor 10:23

           E) Am I Doing This by Faith? (14:22-23)

            Here “faith” means “conviction,” for our convictions are born of faith in God’s Word.  If a Christian has doubts about some of his personal practices, he cannot have joy & peace. Whatever we do that is not of faith is sin, for the Christian lives by faith. So, anything I do that I cannot back up by the Word of God is sin, because I cannot do it by faith.

            “If it’s doubtful, it’s dirty!” is a good policy to follow. Many Christians carelessly engage in practices that even the world questions.

F) Am I Pleasing Myself or Others? (15:1-7)

            The strong ought to bear the weaknesses of the immature Christians, & while doing this, seek to build them up in the faith. We should follow Christ’s example & seek to please others, not ourselves (Ps. 69:9).

  1. Circumstances are last & least reliable guide.

Satan can manipulate circumstances.



            God gives each Christian certain gifts at salvation for the work of the ministry here on earth.   Eph 4:11-15  ROM 12:3-7.  God expects us to use our gifts & talents here on earth for Him. So, how do we find our calling & fulfill it?

1) PRAY FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.  Ask God to reveal to us in His own way & in His own time, His work for our life.

2) CONSIDER OUR GODLY DESIRES.  When God call us to a certain work, He will give us a persistent & ever increasing desire to do this work.


If we plug into His work for our life, it will bring pleasure to our hearts & minds.


Is the work we are doing being blessed? Is it bearing fruit?


Sometimes, our friends & family can realize God’s calling before we do.


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