Guest Speakers

Pastor Riggs is committed to bring some of the greatest fundamental, Baptist preachers in America to Starlight. Listed below is a partial listing of guest speakers:
Ben Anglea
Terry Anglea
Terry Boyd
Jim Brown
JB Buffington
Eric Capaci
Rex Carringer
Mickey Carter
Steven Carter
Dennis Corle
AB Collins
Kevin Courtney
Ed Decker
Joey Edwards
Gary Forney
Danny Fouraker
Mike Frazier
Ed Galilean
David Gibbs
Keith Gomez
Bob Gray
Greg Hahn
Glendy Hamilton
Carl Hatch
Curtis Hutson
Tony Hutson
Jack Hyles
Howard Hall
Joey Handcock
Dean Herring
Jason Herring
Norris Hodges
Jack Hyles
C. W. Kennedy
Delmas Knight
Kevin Knight
Lonnie Mattingly
Dan Maxwell
David McCoy
Buddy Morrow
Kerry Nance
Reggie Payte
Ken Pledger
Johnny Pope
Thomas Reeves
John Reynolds
Daniel Riggs
Russell Riggs
Sam Riggs
Bobby Roberson
Lee Roberson
Steve Roberson
Steve Rocky
Ron Setser
Tom Sexton
Bryan Sharp
Kurt Skelly
Elvis Sneathern
Phil Stringer
Jewel Smith
Jim Vineyard
Kevin Walker
Bob Ware
Mike Watkins
Monti Watts
John Wilkerson
Paul Wood
Ray Young
Ron Zywotko