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Each Sunday morning  here at Starlight, buses start their engines to go out into the communities of Central Florida to bring boys, girls, teenagers, and adults to Sunday School.

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For 33 year now, faithful members of Starlight have spent Saturday mornings and afternoons canvassing neighborhoods to find people wanting a way to Sunday School. Sunday mornings and afternoons are spent picking up and then dropping off hundreds of bus riders3

While the traditional “Bus Ministry” is seen as being out-of-date, each Sunday’s crowds are a testimony to the faithfulness of God to bless those who go out “into the highways and hedges” to bring souls into the house of God.

On any given Sunday over hundreds of boys and girls can be seen scurrying to class to see a Sunday School teacher they love or can be seen clinging to a faithful bus captain who loves them.

Each year, hundreds of people come to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior through the bus ministry of Starlight Baptist Church.
If you or someone you know would like to ride one of our buses to church, please register here online or call our church office at
Orlando Bus Ministry, Starlight Baptist

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