Adult SS Lesson – Lying Tongue

II. Lying Tongue

Prov 6:16-19 outlines seven crooked actions the Lord hates. The words— tongue, mouth, lips, & words—are mentioned in Proverbs almost 150 times. ( Pro 15:2) The way someone uses their tongue reflects the status of their heart. Lk 6:45

1: Flattery—Flattery means exaggerated praise & compliments. Flattery is an insincere compliment spoken with dishonest motives—hoping to gain favor or praise from someone else. How do we stay away from dishonest smooth talk or flattery? Long story short, just don’t do it – stay clear of it! Prov 28:23 says it is better to rebuke in love than flatter deceitfully! Prov 29:5


2: Rumors & gossip—Rumors are false, inflated stories unkindly discussed or told about someone. …Prov 6:12-14.   Pro 20:19 tells us to not associate with a gossip. All throughout the Bible, God reserves some of His harshest words for gossips, condemning the habit!


3: Angry Words—harsh words don’t refer to expressing different opinions or even disagreeing with someone. Harsh words refer to stubbornness or conversations that stirs up unrighteous anger are displeasing to the Lord. (Prov 15:1) Pro 22:24-25 tells us to not associate with a bad tempered person. Why? He will rub off on us. If this describes us, we have a lot of homework to do. Relationships demand encouraging words & not language that cuts down! Pro 29:22


4: Boasting & Foolish Jokes —Boasting means we think better than we really are. Prov 27:1; 25:14

Foolish Jokes—Basically we are talking about silly, useless, foul, tasteless humor. A proud spirit speaks about themselves to get noticed. Eph 4:29


5: Talking Too Much—One who talks too much usually feels compelled to give a comment (Prov 10:19) Some have to be the center of every conversation, filling silence with worthless conversation & interrupting without hesitation. All of us at some point are guilty of talking too much.


Five wrong uses of the tongue—it can be discouraging to think about these things

as they point out areas where we fall short & aren’t encouraging.

Three conclusions on the above…

  1. Think Before You Speak–If it doesn’t or won’t contribute, say nothing. Let others contribute. Be willing to listen.
  2. Pray for Control–Every morning as we check ourselves out in the mirror, we should closely evaluate our tongue—it has tremendous power. Jas 3:5


  1. Listen –a lost art called “listening” we need to get back to cultivating. We would be amazed at how much we would learn if we would stop talking & start listening. A controlled tongue is the mark of maturity few can claim. Let’s see correct uses of the tongue. Jas 3:2


  1. The Five Beneficial Uses of the Tongue

1: To Give Wise Counsel-Sound Advice—Proverbs declares the lips of the righteous bring what is “acceptable” (10:32) & “spread knowledge” (15:7). Wisdom comes from “many counselors” (15:22) & it is received by those who understand God’s Word properly. Without God’s Word, we cannot give Godly counsel. We can only offer human wisdom, & it falls short of God’s Word.


2: For Reproof & Rebuke (“Spiritual Exhortation” – People who hate reproof will die (15:10). We become more Godly when we allow the wise correct the error of our ways. Prov 27:6


Four Notes on Rebuke:

  • Godly Rebuke Comes from Love – The one doing the rebuking should have genuine concern for the one he/or she rebukes. o Godly Rebuke is Usually Remembered-It lingers on & is not soon forgotten.
  • Godly Rebuke is a Form of Friendship – Friendship should include the freedom to mention criticism. 
  • Godly Rebuke has Proper Intent – Not all compliments come from the right motive. There is a right way &   a right time when it comes to rebuke. Isa 50:4 Col 4:6


3: To Give Words of Encouragement—Encouragement is a sincere expression of gratitude given honestly to another individual (usually in private). Pleasant words, like a honeycomb, R sweet to the soul & healing to the bones (16:24). They serve as a sign of maturity & Godliness.

Here is a daily checklist for encouragement; Have I encouraged my spouse, my children, my teachers (or mentors), my co-workers, my neighbor, etc. today, this week, this month?


4: To Share the Gospel —Do you remember who lead you to the Lord….was it a preacher??? A soul winner… Remember – Most people are saved when someone shares the Gospel with them. Most need someone to tell them how!

Two questions…

1) Do you know the Gospel well enough to give a simple, clear plan of salvation??

2) Are you sharing the Gospel daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Our lips can serve no better function in life than that of faithfully, consistently communicating Christ!


5: To Laugh (“Laugh Properly”)— God is the author & creator of humor. Above all others He knows how a joyful heart can make a cheerful face (15:13). We are not talking about foolish jokes but well-chosen, properly timed expressions of wit – funny statements. How do we measure up? Have you become so serious you can no longer enjoy yourself (& others)? Prov 17:22


Suggestions—Three Right Now Applications…

1) Read James 3:1-12 at least three times a week – slowly & aloud – asking the Lord to take full control over your tongue. If you mean it, you won’t regret it!


2) List – Make a list of two ways you could use your tongue in a more helpful manner.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with something, ask a friend for some help!

3) Laugh – Work on improving your sense of humor! Are you testy, tedious, negative or burned out? Take some time out & ask Jesus to help you see the other side of life – get a clean funny book, movie or T.V. show – let your hair down! People who cultivate a healthy sense of humor enjoy life more.

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