Adult Lesson 4/5/2020


            There are some things every Christian should know concerning our personal lives.                                               Phil 4:1–9


1. Create a strong desire to break the habit.

            Realize the consequences of continuing on in our bad habit & think on the blessings of making on new & better habits. Pro 12:5


2. Promptly make the break.

            If we have a strong desire to break a habit & do not promptly carry out this desire, it will get easier & easier to ignore the desire to change. We should create the desire to make the break, determine to make the break, & then promptly make the break.


3. Completely make the break.

            To taper off in breaking a bad habit only prolongs the agony. Connected to breaking the habit. The only rational way to quit a habit is to quit a habit.


4. Pray for strength to hold out.

            Some habits require supernatural strength to overcome.  1 Cor 10:13


5. Don’t flirt with temptation.

            Pharaoh told the Jews they could go worship—but don’t go far (Exo 8). But if we are not to fall, we must flee lusts & temptations.                                                                                           1 Tim 6:11-12


6. Replace old habits with new habits—The Law of Replacement.

            Some always looking for the quick fix. We’ve got to be willing to change the foundation to create long term results, & changing the foundation requires replacing those patterns.  The Law of Replacement requires replacing things that are not helping us achieve with the things that will help us.       Matt 12:43-45 

            Letting go is not always easy – we have lots of reason for emotional attachmentsbut it is vital when we want to go somewhere we’ve never been.

            High Focus, Low Attachment –We have to be willing to replace what’s not working. Keep a high focus on your purpose, values, authenticity, passions & God’s Word. Make everything else is replaceable, so that there’s a low attachment to the details.

            Clarity – We must be clear about our purpose, values, goals, etc…  With clarity, we gain the emotional leverage needed to “test & tweak” – figuring out what to replace in order to build that solid foundation.

            A mentor may help us deal with emotional attachments & lack of clarity. 


7. Areas to Review for Replacement

A. FRIENDS & FAMILY–Are they pulling you down or lifting you up? 

B.        PHYSICAL  ENVIRONMENT–Your physical space, such as your workspace.  It’s either productive or unproductive. 

C.        BELIEFS– Most people’s beliefs are really dictating their results.  So, it’s important to replace any beliefs that are faulty & holding you back.

D.        GOALS– It’s important to know what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.  We must fully commit to achieve our goals.   

E.        THOUGHTS –Pay attention to your head talk & the words you use.                                                                                                  Phil 4:8

F.        ENTERTAINMENT & HOBBIES—Replace bad entertainment choices with good, spiritual choices.


8. Make no exceptions to practice the new habit until it is firmly established.

            Don’t take any days off. Every time we make an exception, our resolve weakens.


II. How To Live Each day Wisely

9. How to begin each day

A. WAKE UP.                        B. GET UP                C. DRESS UP 

D. LOOK UP. Pray               E. FILL UP.


10. How to get the most out of each day.

            A. Organize the day’s activities.Make plans.

 Organize your day so you can get the maximum work done.

           B. Do the essential things.

        Focus us what God wants accomplished today.

            C. Work hard. Work diligently & persistently. Eccl 9:10


            D. Pray periodically during the day. Things go better when we pause periodically to pray.           

            E. Change activities. Be flexible.

            F. Utilize spare moments.

            G. Take a complete rest sometime during the day.


11. Watch out for sniper attacks.

            After seven days, watch out for cravings. If we hold out, these attacks will lessen in intensity & frequency.



            A. Review the days activities.

            B. Put away all wrath.                                              Eph 4:26

            C. Repent of all known sin committed that day & make amends if necessary.        

            D. Go to bed with a clear conscience.



12. Do we have a BELIEVING faith?      Jn 2:23-25

            Believing faith believes God’s testimony about His Son & the work of His Son. A non-believing faith will not save us.     


13. Do we have a CONTINUING faith?  Jn 8:30-59

            Continuing faith does not burn up in trials & tests but continues on.


14. Do we have a confessing faith?

            A confessing faith is not ashamed to openly confess Christ as Saviour. A faith that will not openly confess Christ is not a saving faith.                                                          Mk 8:38          Jn 12:42-43


15. Do we have a WORKING faith?                   James 2:14-26

            A working faith produces fruits of righteousness.


16. Do we have an obeying faith?                     Lk 6:46

            An obeying faith obeys Christ’s commands.



The Bible teaches that Christians have 3 enemies:  the world, the flesh, & the devil. How do we fight these enemies?   1 Jn 2:15-17

17.  REPLACE the things of the world.  We should be so preoccupied with heavenly things that we have little or no room worldly temptations.    Matt 6:19-34  Jn 6:27  2 Cor 4:17-18   Col 3:1-2

18.       FLEE the lusts of the flesh. 1 Tim 6:11  2 Tim 2:22

            We should quickly remove ourselves from situations which tempts us.        


19. STAND against Satan.           Eph 6:10        1 Pet 5:8

  Stand against the attacks of the devil & resist him by the Word of God. Matt 4:3-11



20. Be on guard against temptation.

            We should always be on guard against temptations, but especially after great victories.                                       1 Cor 10:12


21. Purpose not to fall during temptation.      Dan 1:8

            Many times, we know in advance when temptation is coming. Before the temptation arrives, think on the consequences of giving in to temptation & on the rewards of resisting. Purpose in your heart that you will not yield when temptation comes.    


22. Pray for help during temptation.

            Christ prayed for victory to overcome temptation. So should we.                                                                    Matt 26:36-46


23. Send Jesus to answer Satan’s knock of temptation.                When confronted by temptation—& you cannot flee—ask Christ to intercede in the battle with Satan.Jude 9-10  James 4:4


24. Keep Your Mind Clean.                                  Job 31:1


25. Establish an Accountability Partner.         Heb 10:24-25


26. View Others with Godly Eyes.   Psa 101:3        1 Tim 5:1, 2


27. Avoid Temptation .                                          Rom 13:14



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