Pastor’s Family


Pastor’s oldest daughter, Christy Carringer, is married to Pastor Rex Carringer of Riverland Baptist Church in Dunnellon, Florida. They have four children, Nicole, Keith, Kurt, and Luke.

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Pastor’s oldest son, Dr. Russell Riggs, is Pastor of Town East Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX.
Married to a preacher’s daughter, Christy, they have three children, Savannah, Julian, and Adrianna.


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Pastor has twin sons, one of which is Dr. Samuel Riggs, Co-Pastor here at Starlight, Married to Susan, they have three children, Allison, Eddie, and John Riley.

Pastor’s other twin son is Dr. Daniel Riggs, Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, located in Harrison, AR.
Married to Christy, they have four children, Courtney, Jessica, Jett, and Mary Beth.

Pastor’s youngest daughter, Cindy Sederopoulos, works here at Starlight as Secretary to Pastor. Cindy is married to Peri Sederopoulos. They have three children, Gavin, Lexi, and Max.