RU Program


What is Reformers Unanimous (RU)?


Simply put RU is a faith based addictions recovery program; but it is much, much more than that.  As a “faith based” program we do not put our faith in a poorly defined “Higher Power”.  At RU we find victory as we place our faith in the Highest Power, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We must first believe in Him (John 3:16) for the salvation of our souls. We then must make a second decision to keep on trusting Jesus as we grow in a dynamic love relationship with Him, the author and finisher of our faith! This second part is critical for any Christian to have lasting victory (1 John 5:4). RU is a powerful and proven discipleship program with a curriculum that has provided thousands of hungry souls with a guided tour through the Word of God that can provide victory over addictions, strongholds and besetting sins.

Who is RU for?


As an addictions program RU offers true healing and victory.  An addiction could be defined as a strong and harmful need to do something or to have something.  Looking at an addiction as a spiritual problem, we can expand that definition to any sinful behavior or thought pattern that is beyond our own power to control.  That being said, as children of God we all have our “short trees”.  We all have behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts that do not glorify Jesus Christ, and that seem to have power over us. He can give us victory.  RU is an excellent tool to find that victory through Christ. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, it is time to take action. Addiction crosses all societal boundaries, affects both genders, every ethnic group, and people in every tax bracket. Addiction is not about how much a person uses, but what their addiction is doing to their health, emotions, relationships and finances. So whether a person uses daily or once a week is irrelevant. It is commonly believed that an addict has to “hit bottom” before help can be offered and accepted. “Bottom” is where and when you decide to start a new life. Change can begin now. The RU Recovery Program offers hope, resources, support, and encouragement to help the addict, as well as their family and friends.


As a discipleship program, RU will benefit anyone and everyone.  Many may think that such a program would not be useful to them because they have no gross sin in their lives; no substance abuse, no immorality, etc.  They may even be active in the church and pursuing a daily walk with the Lord.  The truth is, however, that attending the RU program would be a huge spiritual boost and a blessing to anyone willing to sacrifice the time and effort.  It also offers a potential area of future ministry.

Free Turkey!!!


Yes, you read that right, FREE TURKEY!  You may be asking yourself, how do I go about getting my family a free turkey this Thanksgiving. And the answer is simple.  Come to church, at Starlight of course.  If you are a member and you bring an adult visitor with you, you get a FREE TURKEY for your Thanksgiving holiday and did we mention your visitor also gets a FREE TURKEY!!!!  One per household please, for special recipe and cooking ideas please see Bro Larry.  HA jokes.

This is just another great tool for you to get your loved ones, neighbors, family, & strangers to church to hear the gospel, even if  turkey is involved.

Church Improvement

improvement-100335392-orig-300x199It’s time for church improvement, and we are not talking about the facilities. We are talking about YOU.

Whether you are currently serving in a ministry, or have been looking for a place to serve, these break out sessions will be a great opportunity for you.

Pastor and the Staff have meticulously planned out the break out sessions to cover each area individually.

See the schedule below to find out what sessions you should be attending!



SUNDAY 11/30

  • 5:00pm MUSIC/SOUND
  • 7:30pm GUEST RECEPTION (ushers, greeters)


MONDAY 12/01

  • 7:00pm GENERAL MEETING (for all workers at Starlight)
  • 8:00pm TEACHERS/CHILDREN’S WORKERS (teachers, helpers, assistants, ect.)



  • 7:00pm ALTAR WORKERS
  • 8:00pm NURSERY

The Grand Opening of our NEW Facility


Starlight Baptist Church will celebrate the grand opening of its new church facility at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 18th, 2015 with a special building dedication service. The new building was constructed by AAGAARD-JUERGENSEN, LLC and was financed by United Legacy Bank.

Starlight’s founding Pastor Dr. Glenn Riggs credits the generosity and vision of the congregation. Pastor Riggs invites everyone from the community to join them,  in celebration of the endless community outreach possibilities now made possible by this new facility and the members who serve our Lord here, through Starlight.

This day we will be having a special time capsule ceremony and all who attend will be written on a special document going in the capsule, we will be having lunch catered in and many other fun things going on here on that special day! There will not by Sunday School or an Evening Service on this special day for Starlight.

The church is still located at 350 Hayes Road, at the end of Hayes Road in Winter Springs, Florida.

For more information about the church, call 407-696-5110

Below are photo’s starting at our Groundbreaking Ceremony in Jan of this year, to today. Oh what wonderful progress was made in these few months!!!

When God Seems Invisible

Church Efficiency Conference 2014

image1-250x93The Church Efficiency Conference is hosted by Dr. Glenn Riggs and features guest speakers Terry Anglea, Ken Pledger, Scotty Drake, Sam Riggs, and Dwaine Johnson.

The Conference will begin Monday, August 11th at 6:30pm with 2 speakers. The Conference will resume Tuesday, August 12th at 9:30am with morning sessions, followed by lunch, and fellowship, then returning to the night session again at 6:30pm.

Every year, hundreds of church pastors, leaders, staff and church members come together at the Annual Church Efficiency Conference to pause, rejuvenate and worship our Lord.

Best of all, you can come with your entire team and enjoy this life-changing conference all at one location and for no cost!

The hope every year of the Church Efficiency Conference is: To bless, empower and equip local churches and their leaders, to see people saved, healed, discipled, empowered and serving.