About Us


Our History

In May of 1989, Pastor Riggs, his family, and 13 others assembled to discuss the organization of an independent, fundamental Baptist Church in the Seminole County area. The purpose of this church would be to win souls for Christ and to build strong, separated Christians. On June 11, 1989, Starlight held its first service with fifty-five in attendance. The charter service was held September 10, 1989.

Starlight first met in what was then a square dance hall in Longwood. Six months later, the church moved to the Sims office building, now the Granger building, in Altamonte Springs. In December of 1989, Starlight started a bus ministry with the purchase of two buses. Starlight averaged 79 in attendance throughout 1989. In the summer of 1990, God performed a miracle by allowing Starlight to purchase the land which we now possess with ready to use facilities. Starlight averaged 249 in attendance with a record high of 400 and four bus routes. In 1991, we expanded the auditorium to triple the seating capacity to its current size and the bus ministry grew to ten bus routes. That year Starlight averaged 477 in attendance with over 1,000 attending on different occasions. Over 900 received Christ in 1991 in services, plus many more reached in our soul-winning ministries. Since 1992, Starlight has witnessed slower but steady growth. In 1999, the church built an adult Sunday school annex and in 2000 a basketball pavilion.

Starlight has seen tremendous growth. We now have seven bus routes including a homeless ministry route, van route and a senior saints route. We host a Church Efficiency Conference, Youth Conference, Super Rally and a Wild Game Dinner that draws large crowds from across the State.  God continues to bless the church with souls being saved and baptized nearly every Sunday, and new families added to Starlight each year. We look forward to what God has for Starlight in the future.



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Our Purpose

Starlight Baptist Church is committed to reaching lost souls for Christ through personal soul winning, special campaigns, evangelistic meetings, and community outreach. Starlight has a missionary burden for lost souls throughout the world and seeks to evangelize through worldwide missions. Starlight seeks people from all ethnic and economic backgrounds. We strive to teach members to live according to the teachings and doctrines of God’s Word and to lead them to full assurance of the salvation of our Lord. Starlight believes in the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit, given at salvation for the work of the advancement of the Kingdom.

Starlight is not a museum to of old, rustic saints, but a place of service; not a perfect haven for the sinless, but a hospital for sinners saved by grace who thirst to be more like our Savior.

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Our Ministries

Starlight Baptist Church is a family oriented church. It is a church where everyone is important, and Christ is Lord of all. Starlight is a place to be accepted and loved. It is a special place to serve our King. Starlight seeks to provide activities for all age groups, with special emphasis placed on children and youth.

Girls Club
Boy’s Club (1611 Crusaders)
Children Churches
Bus Ministry
Couples Classes
Weekly Church Wide Outreach
Youth Camp
Vacation Bible School
Sunday School
Senior Saint’s Department
Homeless Ministry
Singles Group
Adult Activities
Community Outreach
Adult Sunday School Groups
Teen Training (TTC) Class
Bi-weekly Activities
Teen Camps
Mission Trips
Teen Outreach
Teen Rallies
Teen Church


Service Times

Sunday School- 9:30 am
Teen & Children’s Church- 10:30 am
Worship Service- 10:30 am
Evening Service- 6:00 pm

Teens 5:45 pm
Children’s’ Club 6:45 pm
Bible Study 7:00 pm

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